Hey! Its Samm! I am bascially the love child of Imogen and Eli. I am a proud member of the DTC. I and obsessed with Degrassi, Eli Goldsworthy, and most of all Munro Chambers<3. I am an Eclare shipper, but I do love Imogen. Got any questions, just ask. :) OH! And a new found lover of Season 12 Jake Martin! ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Married To Munro Chambers


I miss you guys so much. And I sorta miss Degrassi, but I miss you guys more. I know you probably don’t miss me, but if you do, you can contact me here




While The Fault In Our Stars is very accurate from the medical perspective, I appreciate that John Green knows that Forever 21 has the cutest sundresses.

#John you spend too much time online with teenage girls

#This would probably sound a lot worse to someone not on tumblr

Charlie never stood out. Until he found friends that let him in.


 why isn’t “too sad” a valid excuse to skip school and lay in my bed all day